Our mind and music

Presentation2This chart has given me a better understanding of how our mind processes music.  I love to understand the process through steps because it takes steps to understand how our mind processes music.  It’s not just a simple process, God has created our brain so specifically so we can understand what a beautiful sound sounds like.  God is truly amazing for giving these amazing minds.  I really have enjoyed this time on understanding how specifically God created our brains  The first step is that our brains pick up the sound of the music from the frequencies it presents, and the sound is mainly transferred by vibrations.  The next step is that our ear turns these frequencies into neural signals.  The next step is that our ears bring these signals to the brain stem in the center of the brain.  The fourth step is that from the brain stem, it is brought to the thalamus, located in the center of the brain.  The last step is from the thalamus, the brain sends the signals to the primary auditory cortex, near the sides of the brain.  I created this chart on powerpoint because it was easy to get around and I think it’s pretty easy to understand the process of the brain when affected by music with these steps.  This neurological understanding also aligns with other types of subjects like mathematics that’s why most musicians are really good at math and solving equations because parts of the brain that are used to process music use the same functions to solve math equations.  This was truly an awakening for me because I was really good at math but other people who didn’t understand the technicalities of music didn’t do really well in these math courses.  As a music educator, you better believe I’m going to use this chart to help develop not only my students’ minds but their brain development as a whole.  This will also help the students to do great in other courses like math because of the way the brain functions when learning the technicalities of music.


A vision of the near future

When my music teaching career begins, I want to be able to incorporate and teach literacy in my music classroom and present in such a way that my students will reach greater heights in their music and literacy abilities.  I personally believe music and literacy go hand in hand.  In order to perform a musical piece, we need to read and understand the musical notation that is being presented to us first, then we are able to perform and present the piece.  One thing I remembered through my elementary, middle school, and high school years is that in order for me to understand a problem, a theory or a situation being presented, I would use a musical song to understand it.  I remember in Spanish class, I didn’t know the alphabet but in order to recite the alphabet in Spanish, our teacher told us to learn a song in order to memorize the alphabet.  In within two days, I memorized it because of that song and I still know the Spanish alphabet to this day.  Music works throughout the whole brain and I personally believe, we as humans can pick up concepts easier and faster with music.  This is why I can’t wait to get more in depth and learn more in presenting literacy methods in my music classroom.  This is what I pray for in my near future.





Who am I?

My name is Dave Cruz Jr. and this is who I am.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1997 to God-fearing parents and my dad just happened to be a well-known international Christian guitarist and my mom was in the medical field wanting to become a Medical doctor.  These are two different and unique spectrums, there is the musical field and the medical field and I am in the right in the middle of those two fields.  At a young age, I had a fascination for playing music but not only music but the way the human brain reacted to music.  It was so intriguing to me because I wondered how our brains can distinct a beautiful sound from an ugly sound.  God was so specific on how He wanted our brains to function.  Anyway that’s just a little about who I am and what I’m interested in.  I believe God has called me to teach music and to present music in such a way that catches the attention of the Spirit and the mind.  I want to influence and transform young students’ lives through what I teach so they can make an impact for the next generations to come.  I want to be a teacher that they can come to and learn how to be world changers.  I pray in the near future to become a music educator but I also dream to create music schools in different parts of the world, especially third world settings that are in need of hope and vision.  God has placed this so heavily on my heart.

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Me and my friend Bryan after teaching him how to play the drums. (Village of Los Naranjos, El Salvador.)