A vision of the near future

When my music teaching career begins, I want to be able to incorporate and teach literacy in my music classroom and present in such a way that my students will reach greater heights in their music and literacy abilities.  I personally believe music and literacy go hand in hand.  In order to perform a musical piece, we need to read and understand the musical notation that is being presented to us first, then we are able to perform and present the piece.  One thing I remembered through my elementary, middle school, and high school years is that in order for me to understand a problem, a theory or a situation being presented, I would use a musical song to understand it.  I remember in Spanish class, I didn’t know the alphabet but in order to recite the alphabet in Spanish, our teacher told us to learn a song in order to memorize the alphabet.  In within two days, I memorized it because of that song and I still know the Spanish alphabet to this day.  Music works throughout the whole brain and I personally believe, we as humans can pick up concepts easier and faster with music.  This is why I can’t wait to get more in depth and learn more in presenting literacy methods in my music classroom.  This is what I pray for in my near future.






3 thoughts on “A vision of the near future

  1. David,
    You are such an insightful person and it’s really nice to see how passionate you get when talking about your future. I totally understand what you were saying about learning/remembering things better through song and I think that that technique definitely helps a lot of people, myself included. A couple questions I have for you is why you think putting information into a song helps us remember the information so well and whether or not you think it helps us because we are musically inclined, or if it helps people who don’t have a musical background just as much. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I pray that God continues to expand your knowledge in the realm of music, education, and life as a whole.


  2. I totally agree that we remember things more easily when they’re set to a song. How else would we be able to remember countless lyrics to songs, but not math equations? How would you use this tool and apply literacy to it?


  3. I feel like a lot of teacher’s methods have been to use songs in their classrooms or little ditties to help kids remember stuff. Although I feel like it’s effective, I don’t think it can nor should be used for everything. But I’m very happy to see that you want to take literacy and music and mash them together in your music classroom in the future.


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